hcg 5000iu


hcg 5000iu

Remove the hCG vial’s inner seal, then use an alcohol swab to clean the top.
Remove the cap from the supplied water (Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride 0.9% Only), then use an alcohol swab to clean the top.
Turn the water bottle upside down and insert the needle from the mixing syringe. Obtain 5 ml of water (with 0.9% bacteriostatic sodium chloride). It will take several fills of the 3ml/cc mixing syringe to get all the liquid into the powder (note: this is important).
After wiping the hCG vial with alcohol, insert a syringe and slowly inject water into the hCG powder.
When the solution is clear, gently swirl the bottle. (Note: don’t jiggle it; the hormone is fragile.
After reconstituting hCG, discard any remaining water in the original water vial and store it in the refrigerator.The dosage and frequency of your hCG use will be determined by your doctor and will be detailed in these guidelines.
This mixture may be used for a further 60 days, but remember to store it in the refrigerator after mixing.

hcg 5000iu

While receiving testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), men can use the natural hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to preserve their fertility, testicular and penis growth, cognitive function, and libido. Men with hypogonadal hypogonadism or steroid-induced impairment of spermatogenesis may benefit from the administration of hCG to assist restore spermatogenesis.Buy HCG 5000iu Water-Powder online

Your hCG may occasionally arrive in powder form so that it can travel more safely. Because it is a fragile hormone, combine it by just swirling it after adding the sterile water.

hCG 5000iu Water Powder

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